Recently I happened to watch a quiz programme for school kids on an Australian Channel. Certain they wouldn’t have watched it, I tested it on five of my  grandchildren, aged 10 -14. The other three, aged 3 to 9 are in Boston and my husband and I hope to visit them shortly.

“Listen carefully children. I am in water, but not in river. I am in air, but not in the sky. I am in land but not in forests. What am I?”

The kids were quite smart, as was evidenced by their replies. “The river has gone dry,” said Vignesh. “That’s why there’s no water in the river.”

“Oh, yeah?” I said, curling my lips. “Try again.”

“I’m sure that forest is full of rocks.” said Venyaa, doing homework on her iPad.

“The air is closeted in a balloon,” said Annika, eating her lunch as also reading a book.

“Please give us a clue, Ammamma,” said Lakshman, a.k.a. Lucky. He was playing tennis on the Wii with Vignesh.

“Okay. I am somewhere near the centre of gravity  but right in the middle of the Equator.”

There was complete silence for a moment.

“Please be serious, Ammamma!” broke in Vaani, impatiently. “I need to complete my project and have no time to waste.”

“Okay. This is the final clue. I am in Vaani, Venyaa and Annika, but not in Vignesh and Lucky.”

Vignesh grumbled, “So, only girls have them!”

Lucky said, “Some silly fairy stuff!”

But the girls called out in one voice, “The letter A!”