Going through old albums

Spent the afternoon going thro’ old albums. It brought me mixed feelings: some happy some not so, but they are all proof of days, nay, years gone by.

Came across a photograph of my mother’s family taken maybe more than ninety years ago. Amma was one of 10 children and her mother was one of 10 or more children.

Velvet sari blouses were in fashion in the early part of the 20th century and my grandma said to me that she had a deep blue velvet worked with gold thread around the neck and at the sleeves. She added that she would have worn it on numerous occasions, but that she gave up wearing silk saris and velvet blouses after my grandpa’s demise.

From then on she wore only white cotton saris, with or without borders in sober colours, and white voile blouses. She would wash and starch the sari herself.  When fully dry, she would fold it neatly and leave it  underneath her pillow to straighten out creases. The next day she would put it away in her camphor box.