Art and creative writing.

The late Federico Fellini, an Italian film director, said, “All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.”

It doesn’t necessarily follow that a piece of  creative writing  is autobiographical even if one were to argue it is the sole creation of the writer, same as the pearl is the sole creation of the oyster. Fellini certainly couldn’t have meant autobiographical in that sense.

If two people were to paint the same view from the same window, each would produce a distinct perspective. Their mix of colours, their brush strokes would be entirely different.  An artist’s work is like his signature, his finger print. Unique.

My sister Ranji is an artist. At the art school she attended in Colombo, the Mona Lisa was an all time favourite with the budding artists. And at every art exhibition the school conducted, there would be four or five reproductions of the Mona Lisa, each piece different in texture but a close reproduction of the original.

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